Marbo School of Martial Arts & Survival ~ MSMAS
Marbo is an incredibly sophisticated self-defence system, a fusion of science and scenario, the savage and the civilised, incorporating; strategy, anatomy, bio-mechanics, conditioning, optimum technique, rehearsal, stunning strikes, multidirectional attacks and defences, speed, balance in motion, power application, timing, accuracy, and trained reflexes; Holds, Locks, Escapes, Throws, Ground defence, Defattack and more.
Marbo practitioners, known as Pathwalkers, come from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life. The membership consists of unique individual characters, diverse beliefs, knowledge and personalities, all combining to shape the individual Marbo branch and give it life.
All Marbo training meetings are held in small groups, usually 4-12, allowing for one-on-one tuition. Small [Marbo] groups are a catalyst for fellowship, a sense of team, and camaraderie, as each member witnesses, supports, and assists the progression of his or her fellow members.
In addition to the Marbo Apex Martial Arts Training, MSMAS also offers courses including Bushcraft, Streetcraft and the more esoteric Sandman training. Marbo members have regular opportunities to visit Crogen, a purpose landscaped woodland facility in North Wales and the Pathwalker Sanctuary in Transylvania.
"Devastatingly effective and incredibly logical personal defence system."
David H, Southern Counties Marbo.
All Instructors are licensed members of The Pathwalker Guild Instructor Cadre (PGIC).
Marbo ~ Apex non-sport Martial Art:
 We train to develop a psychological and physical defence against [the reality of] violence.
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