The Original Pathwalker Ring
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The Pathwalker Firering is a practical, potentially life saving product that serves a serious purpose yet is fun to use. There is nothing like it available anywhere else, we are the first to combine jewellery with a serious survival/Bushcraft purpose.The Pathwalker Firering can be used for; Fire lighting, Signalling, Cooking, Light and all the applications of fire. An indispensable tool for the soldier, survivalist, mountaineer, adventurer, traveller, hiker, fisherman and of course, the Pathwalker, in fact anyone who takes their comfort and survival seriously.
*The ingot is deliberately set into a non-precious metal ring which appears to be of no value to the thief.
Price includes certificate of authenticity and p+p (UK mainland)
The original “Firering” high intensity spark producing Ferrocerium ingot set in thief resistant* metal ring.
Based on the original Pathwalker “Flint” Firering used decades ago, the modern “Ferrocerium” Firering invented by a senior PG member is several hundred times more effective and is “Patent applied for”. When struck or scraped with steel, the Ferrocerium ingot set into the ring, will produce copious quantities of high temperature sparks capable of igniting any tinder. The Pathwalker Firering has been tested by Marbo Pathwalkers in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania and the hills of Wales in Winter.
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