"One of the main psychological advantages of conducting Pathwalker training outdoors, especially at Crogen, or the Sanctuary in Transylvania is the “Biophilia” effect. This is the desire we all feel, consciously or subconsciously, to be connected to nature and the feeling of invigoration that [feeling] imbues. In addition to this, another advantage of training outdoors on a constantly changing and varied terrain is that the action and experience of doing so hones “Proprioception”, our sense of balance and body awareness which enhances strength and responsiveness in muscles and joints“.
(The Red Path Section 4 Module 11. The Pathwalker Guild 2009 SWMcG)
Marbo ~ Out door training
To train on a wet slippery surface in the summer, falling about messing up take-down techniques, and generally having a good time in the sunshine, simultaneously developing ones ability to keep balance in motion, in conditions, [and on a surface] that most would find more than difficult, is an experience never forgotten. During outdoor sessions, to see, week-by-week, the buds on the trees grow and create a natural sunshade over our heads just when we need it, is fantastic. As the Autumn winds affect the stability of technique rehearsal, so to the wind provides a carpet of leaves to cushion a fall or T`Down. Outdoors, the real world, no two sessions the same, glorious!.
“We [Pathwalkers] do not cower from the sun, the rain, or the wind. We train with the elementals and we use them [the elements] as allies against our opponents, from something as simple as manoeuvring our opponent into a position where the sun/wind/rain is in his/her eyes, or onto a patch of ice or uneven terrain. A simple stratagem for a Pathwalker but nigh impossible for someone without any experience of outdoor “Martial Arts” training“. (Al M 1979)
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