The Marbo School teaches Bushcraft, Survival & Streetcraft.
Bushcraft & Survival
Streetcraft is to the city what Survival and Bushcraft are to the wilderness. Marbo Martial Streetcraft is packed with essential information and tricks for keeping yourself and your kit safe at home and abroad. Personal security, urban evasion and much more.
Basur is Bushcraft on the move in a hostile environment. Course includes: Bushcraft skills, evasion, cross country travel, transporting a casualty on an improvised stretcher, procurement of edible food and drinkable water, ground to air markers, emergency signals, signalling, and teamwork.
You will learn - Camp and shelter construction, Firecraft, Improvisation, Basic Astro-navigation, Basic Flora and Fauna Conservation techniques, Wild foods, Water procurement, filtration and purification. The Bushcraft courses are “Fireside” based with no requirement or necessity to move away from the established camp.
The Bushcraft courses are neither physically nor mentally challenging.
"The best survival kit you can carry with you is experiential knowledge and, of course, it doesn't weigh anything." AM
The Basic Survival Course is both physically & mentally challenging.
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