The Pathwalker Guild Governs the Marbo School of Martial Arts and Survival (MSMAS), its groups and branches.
The PG governs both Crogen and The Sanctuary with selected members acting as Trustees managing both facilities.
The PG co-ordinate training days, courses and Gradings, as well as ensuring the conservation and improvement of both through the PG Conservation Group (PGCG).
Pathwalker Guild
Funded entirely by its members, the donaions contribute towards the administration of the organisation, the purchase and maintenance of Pathwalker facilities and subsidizing courses and kit for members.

The clear and consistent vision of The Pathwalker Guild is that of a close knit, diverse and widespread community, the members striving to attain both personal goals and the honourable aims of the organisation. The Pathwalker Guild is a network of individuals, not a movement or political organisation. We are united by the firm belief that; to walk ones Path with Honour is to lead an honourable life and that no man [or woman] has the right [therefore] to block that Path.

Individual freedom of choice is the most important belief of the Pathwalker, the next, to take responsibility for the consequences of the choices made.
The Seven services 1. Yourself, 2. Your family, 3. Your friends, 4. Your community, 5. Your country, 6.Your career. 7. Your religion. The Pathwalker Guild should be eighth in the members order of priorities. It is, of course, the individual members choice as to their order of priorities, but no member will be asked to put their membership of the Pathwalker Guild ahead of their service to the seven. (The word loyalty can be substituted for the word service).
All MSMAS Instructors and Members are signatories to The Protocols of The Pathwalker Guild. The Branch Heads or Instructors are bound by The PGIC Codes of Practice and Conduct ensuring best practice. All Warrants of Instruction, Grading, Assessment, Certification and Scrolls, are issued by the PG, as well as the PGIC Handbook (The PGIH), Branch administration materials and administrative support .
The Pathwalker Guild (PG) is a UK based, voluntary, private members organisation.
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